The decision to quit smoking is an important, positive step towards improving your health.

We can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Helping you determine if you are ready to quit
  • Providing materials that can help you prepare to quit and supporting you during the quitting process
  • Meeting with you to create a My Quit Plan
  • Meeting with you for follow-up sessions to monitor your progress
  • Recommending and prescribing a medication that can help you quit, if you are a suitable candidate.

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Did you know..?

Each year, 13,000 Ontarians die from smoking-related illnesses - equivalent to 36 lives every day.

Tobacco-related disease costs Ontario's health care system $1.93 billion in direct health-care costs and $5.8 billion in productivity losses annually.

Quitting smoking is difficult. That's why it's important to get as much support as you can.